How to validate SSL certificate

How to validate SSL Certificate

A two-part identification process is required to ensure that our SSL Certificates are valid and trusted. Please follow the instructions below on how to validate SSL Certificate with Vodien.

Domain Name’s Legal Owner

Vodien will check the domain contact information via Whois to make sure that these are current and correct. In the event that the domain name is in Private and not registered with Vodien, an email validation is sent to the Domain Administrative Contact and must approve the SSL Certificate application.

Verify Company Information

Once the domain contact information is verified, Vodien requires you to provide copy of document/s that shows the company’s local address such as the following:


  • Business Registration Certificate
  • TFN (Tax File Number) Certificate
  • Business License or Certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Corporate Charter
  • Corporation Estimated Tax Form
  • Corporation Annual Report
  • Notary Public Identification Card
  • Merchant’s Certificate of Registration
  • Public Records Filing for a New Business Entity
  • Occupational Tax Certificate/License
  • Sales & Use Tax Permit
  • Statement of Partnership Agreement

If in case the document/s do/es not include the company’s local address, you need to provide a copy of the most recent utility bill or bank statement that has your address on it.

SSL Forms & Samples

For EV SSL Certificate, we require you to download the respective forms, complete the information and email it to [email protected].

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